TLF Summer Slam Scale Series 2024

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July 14, 2024!  Track opens at 8:30AM with racing starting On The Tone @ 10am.  

Summer Slam Scale Series
July 14 Summer Slam Scale Series Round 1
Aug 4 Summer Slam Scale Series Round 2
Aug 18 Summer Slam Scale Series Round 3
3 rounds of series
3 races each class on every round of the series.
All classes will be ran TC, rookie etc racing heads up in this format. Only scale series classes will be for points. ( LMP, Euro Truck, Formula 1, Mini 2wd , Tamiya Super GT, Sportsman USGT, Expert USGT and VTA)
No qualifying. You will be placed on the grid randomly every race for your class.
(All luck of the draw grid placement and who you will race with if for example there are 20 racers in your class) 10 max car per race. No A or B mains ,everyone is in the A mains 🙂
Your points will be scored by your finishing position each race.
1 point for 1st 2 points for 2nd etc...........
Best finishing total in a round is 3 points.
(Example 3 first place finishes on 3 races)
Determining champions at the end of series will be the combined total of your lowest scores 6 out of the 9 races.
( best score would be a 6 at the end of series)
If there is a tie, the first tie breaker will be determined by the most first-place finishes between tied racers. Most second-place finishes will break second-level ties. Third-level ties will be broken by the most third-place finishes and so on, until all nine scored rounds are used.
  • There will be no entry cap on the classes that are part of the current series. 

Registration Opens 7/11/2024


Please refer to the rules: Racing Classes and Rules