RIDE 28018 Closed Cell Light Weight LT Foam Inner for 1/10 Touring Car (4 pcs.)

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The LT inner No:28018 is a closed cell Foam inner to be used for 1/10 Touring Car rubber tire applications. This ultra lightweight inner – only 0.4g per unit – works perfectly on low friction, low abrasive surface such as indoor carpet track. When a classic molded inner will generate car spin-out or traction rolls due to low or very high bite conditions, the LT inner will make the car easier to drive on both slightly dusty and very high bite surfaces. The LT inner has been repeatedly tested and approved by our Team Drivers Atsushi Hara and Andy Moore. The tire set No: 26011 using the LT inner + Re 32 tire compound will be used on the indoor Rounds of the 2011 – 2012 Euro Touring Series (ETS).