Flysky Noble Pro NB4 AFHDS3 4-Channel 2.4GHz Radio System

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New Features:

  • Wireless Charging

  • 50m Greater Range

  • Lower Response Time (<3ms) in 2 Channel Extreme Mode

  • New software functions for crawling and drag racing

  • Carrying Case

  • Silver Aluminum Shell and Phone Mount


  • Detachable Wireless Charging Battery Base

  • Color high-resolution touchscreen

  • Customizable LED

  • Steering wheel can rotate 200 degrees for optimum comfort as well as use by left-handed users

  • Fully ambidextrous

  • Battery Base has USB output


  • Protocol: AFHDS3

  • Speed: <3ms

  • Range: >350m

  • Weight: 560g


  • x1 Noble NB4 Pro Transmitter

  • x1 Heavy Duty Protective Travel Case

  • x1 XL Hand Grip

  • x1 Large Size Steering Wheel and Sponge

  • x1 Steering Angle Limiter Brake Pads

  • x1 Wireless Charging Base

  • x1 4300mah Detachable Battery Base with Wireless Charging

  • x1 FGr4B Antenna Receiver

  • x1 FGr8B Antenna Receiver

  • Extra Knobs, Trigger Sizes, and Trigger Tension Springs