RIDE USA 26051 26mm Wide Radial Tires Pre glued on 7 Spoke White Wheels

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Ride 24130 26mm wide radial tires and 7 spoke wheels are the latest model to be released to cater to the 1/10th scale on road market! Geared towards the detailed scale vehicles such as Tamiya TT-02, the 24130 tire adds the elements of performance and visual detail to your scale class racer or street runner.

4pcs tire, foam insert and 7 spoke wheels.

This product is a 26mm wide Radial Tire for 1/10 Touring Car. We have carried over the compound usec in our popular No. 24125-24mm wide Cut Slick tires.
With its Radial pattern (Left/Right), it can be used as an all-rounder tire. Dusty outdoor roads, carpet courses, etc. Usable for FWD and NonBoost/Blinky Race formats. The No:24130 item only comes with 2 nozzles to help glueing tires on wheels neatly.
We recommend using our 7 Spoke wheels sold separetly, No:25112 (white) & 25113 (Black). Using 26mm Offiset2 wheel from other 1/10 Touring Car wheel manufacturer is also possible.
No.24130 26mm Radial tres for 1/10 Touring Car, 4 pieces with LT Lightweight Inserts and 2 glueing nozzles. No.26084 26mm Wide - LT Lightveight Insert - 5 Spoke Preglued Radial tires for 1/10 Touring Car 4 pieces with storage tray.